Programming Policies

We always welcome new faculty and are pleased to present events, workshops, and other programs that fit under one or more of the following categories. We particularly encourage those with a multi-disciplinary approach.


As inspired by Eugene Friesen, our Artistic Director, we focus on world music such as Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Celtic, Indian, African, Latin and Native American (as well as music rooted in world music traditions). We also present, to a lesser degree, classical, jazz, blues, folk, new music, etc.  We present rock, space or electronic music only if clearly inspired by world music traditions. In addition to concerts, we present workshops and programs on world music and other genres; improvisation, rhythm, composition, etc.; and on sound and music healing as defined by The National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.


Our art programs may include traditional disciplines such as drawing, painting, writing, dance and design. We especially look for presenters who include components of music, nature and/or spirituality in their approach, but for whom art remains the primary purpose of their work. We also present workshops on art therapy as defined by the American Art Therapy Association.


We present workshops that include traditional spiritual practices based in the ancient mystical and monastic traditions of the religions of the world. These include the western monotheistic religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; traditional forms of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shinto; and traditional Native American and Celtic spirituality as well as other indigenous traditions. We particularly feature events designed for participants to encounter traditions very different from their own, and to build interfaith understanding and cooperation. Aldous Huxley’s Perennial Philosophy and Huston Smith’s Wisdom Traditions provide our litmus test for authentic spiritual traditions. While we do present programs in art therapy and in music played or sung therapeutically, it is unusual for us to combine new, alternative therapies with our programming in spirituality. We operate the Schattner Library based on this approach to spirituality.


Program proposals must be presented in writing by email to Robert Bowler, Director, at sca@sover.net and include: 

    • full description, 
    • proposed dates or date range, 
    • schedule, 
    • catering and accommodation needs, and
    • CV including full contact information for the proposed presenter. 

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